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Why Start Outsourcing Career?

Do you know what is Outsourcing? How to start you Outsourcing career? Outsourcing means: sell your skills to other countries like: USA, UK, Australia, Canada and etc. In other words you can say: If you work for any other person or any other countries in the world in part time or full time then you are doing outsourcing or other word you are a Freelancer.

But the question is why USA, UK, Australia, Canada or other developed countries in the world outsource their work or interested to hire skilled freelancer from Bangladesh or others countries? Example: Web Design & Development are very expensive in USA, UK and also there is not enough manpower still available for doing Web Development. Buyer needs to pay high salary for their web design projects. In USA, Canada, UK, etc. there are millions of outsourcing projects available like : web design and development, graphic design, SEO, data entry, email marketing and others but they don’t have available people for their projects and more importantly those people in USA who have skilled in their job are very expensive to hire for web design projects.

But unlike USA, in Bangladesh freelancers have very good skills compare to freelancers is USA and also very cheap to hire for outsourcing projects also plenty of skilled freelancer such as: Web Designer, Web Developer, Front-end Developer, UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer, SEO Expert, Email Marketing Specialist, Data Entry Operator, Internet Marketing, Web Researcher, Content Writer, Translator are available here in Bangladesh. Buyer are very happy to work with Bangladeshi people because peoples are skilled, very professional, delivered good quality work within given time, massive freelancer but very cheap to hire for their outsourcing works.

That’s way buyers of USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Australia; etc wants to outsource their web design and development projects, graphic design projects and SEO projects in Bangladesh.

So, we understand that there is massive opportunity especially for Bangladeshi people to earn handsome amounts of money from Freelancing or Outsourcing. Millions of outsourcing projects created by buyer every day all over the world that’s estimated value near about billion dollar. But not enough skilled freelancers available than outsourcing projects buyer created. There is no doubt about that skilled freelancer or IT outsourcing professionals can earn thousands of dollars each and every month doing freelancing out outsourcing. But the question is how to be a successful freelancer? How to start outsourcing career? and how to earn money from freelancing or outsourcing?

Sounds good… take 5R Solution outsourcing training course and we will guide you and help to find you a way to start your dreaming outsourcing career and earn money from you home doing freelancing.