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About 5r Solution Web Training Institute

Web design training institute in Bangladesh
Designing, you say? Me? Yes! I did say designing...

My name is Joel Norman Penheiro, Professional Web Site Designer & Web Developer and Senior Course Co-ordinator of 5r Solution Web Design & Development Training Center, Dhaka-Bangladesh. Once I have a dream to be an IT Professional. In the year of 2000 when I was first introduced to the world of Internet web site design, I thought it would be almost impossible for me to learn everything there is to know about the Web Site Design. Web and internet seemed to me really tough! I was frustrated. I want to change my track. But finally, some body show me the way and after hard working and long patience prectice the dream came true. Now, I am a Worldclass Professional Website Designer & Web Developer. Doing better and even better day by day as an Web Expert

I have passed 12 long years in Professional Web Design & Web Development Sector. Design & Developed over 1000+ local and outsource website for various companies and all over the world.


In last 12 years I have gathered millions of secret and core techniques about "HOW TO DESIGN A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE" using various of world class professional Tools, Language & Framework which are as follows:

  • Advance HTML 5 & XHTML
  • Advance CSS 3 & CSS Framework
  • Javascript Implementation & Customization
  • JQuery Framework
  • Adobe Flash CS5 Animation with Acrion Script
  • Web Graphice Tools [Adobe Fireworks CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5 ]
  • Web 2.0 Based Professional Template Design
  • Wordpress CMS Website Design
  • Joomla CMS Website Design
  • Magento Ecommerce Website Design & Development
  • Blog, Facebook & Twitter Layout Design
  • Google Adsense Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PHP Programming & MySQL Database Programming
  • Now! recently working with Zend Framework


Web Sector is one of the leading, fastest growing, high demamded & most prestigious sector in the world than any other profession like BBA, MBA and so on.... Coz web sector is totally online based and so globalized. These days peoples visiting website even from their mobile phone and you know 90% of he people in the world using mobile phone and so they all will be globalized and be online day by day. Do you know? Over 1400 Billion US Dollar outsourcing projects is available but not enough skilled IT professional's are not available. More surprisingly! you can even work and earn just working in home. So! Don't rush for job! Don't waste your time! Learn Web Design! Earn money from outsourcing project as much as you can.

First of all you need to know the SECRET AND HIDDEN TECHNIQUES from some one who is really specialized in this business. Those people who are interested to build their career in IT and web field, wants to make something creative and attractive in Web Canvas, want to earn handful money working in home. It’s a superb time to take Professional Web Design Training now. 5r Solution offering Professional Web Design & Development Training for them.


Every body know the whole world is running though the Web. You canít imagine anything Web or Internet. This day every organization have their own web sites. Not only in business organization, now every persons want to get their own web sites where they put their own profile, images, video and others to sare people worldwide. Every body wants have their own website and world is looking professional web site designer and developer.Outsourcing training center Dhaka

  • Website Design sector is high demanded than any other IT sector.
  • No need to rush for job.
  • Don't waste time.
  • Earn money in home.
  • Itís a good opportunity to start web design and development business without any investment.
  • Great opportunity to get some freelance web design projects.
  • Earn money as much as you can.
  • Web Design is a prestigious profession in the world.
  • Internationally certified global career.
  • Local & International Government declared that every company must have their own website to continue their business. So, you have plenty of opportunity to collect web site design projects and can earn money.
  • In Bangladesh a large number of IT company (almost 1000+) operating business. So, after completing professional IT training you have 99% probability to get a good handsome job even in fresh condition (Just need to show couple of live project website links).
  • Over 1400 Billion US Dollar outsourcing projects is available for you.

Yes! Web Design is right for you?

YES! If you want to learn something new and creative also want to earn money even working in home then our Professional Web Design training will be very handy & effective for you (Both male and female). We designed our Professional Web Design Training Course especially for:

Learn web design and earn money in home
  • Young school, college and university students.
  • Aged & retired people who wants to pass good free time with payment.
  • Housewives & females who want to earn staying in home.
  • Businessman can join to promote business online.
  • Teacher and professor and other home tutor.
  • Job holder and service holder.
  • Unemployed or jobless people.
  • Uneducated and poor people
  • Creative and fancy people.
  • People who want to start business.
  • People who are working in IT field.
  • Those people who are looking for world class dynamic career.
  • People who want to go abroad.
  • People who want to earn money from freelance outsourcing web design project.
  • Finally, web design training for all. It's a Global Career.


Professional web design training center5r Solution is one and only leading Website Design & Web Development Training Center has been delivering Professional Training Courses both for individuals and corporate level over last 05 years. Our successful training program and happy and succeeded students smile made us well-known renowned web design training Institute in Bangladesh.

Our team is made up of experienced designers and programmers currently working in 5r Solution to make sure that the content on our hands-on training courses is up to the minute with current trends, technologies and techniques. 5r Solution offers a combination of web design and development training courses so that students can design and develop world class professional websites within very short time. We are now operating top 03 world class high demand Web Training Packages and hopefully will bring more new outsourcing training packages as soon as possible.

Whether you're an experienced designer or a complete beginner, we have a training course to meet your requirements, and 5r Solution is a better place to start your Web Design career.

Plenty of students both male and female who complated our Professional Web Design Training successfully doing good job in IT field. some are earning TK 50,000 to TK 1,00,000 per month in home. Pls check what our students say about us.

Whether you know how to click the buttons but need help and proper guideline and learn some real tips, tricks and all principals of good web design, or you are a new comer to web design and want to learn the rules before you start to design, this is the web design training course for you. This Web Design Training course will teach you to avoid common mistakes and apply good quality design and to implement SEO principals to your site and help you to be and Professional Web Site Designer and Developer within 03 months time. In just 06 weeks you will be ready to start design and develop your own web site. Once you've learned the basics the rest is easy for you to start you freelance career and earn money from outsourcing projects. We will show you the way how to earn money online.

5r Solution Web Design Training Features VS Other's Web Design Training Features
Web Design Training features of
5r Solution
Web Design Training features of
Other renowned institute
SEO training center Dhaka Limited number of students in every batch. PHP training center in Bangladesh Plenty of students in every batch.
MySQL training in Dhaka We offer really reasonable and cheap Course Fee. Professional wordpress training You have to pay a heavy price. Course fee is 04 times more then ours.
Joomla training ib Dhaka Course duration is limited and flexible. Magento ecommerce training in Dhaka Taking too much time to complete course and not so flexible.
php & mysql training center in Bangladesh Course timing is flexible. popular IT training center Course timing is fixed and limited.
css training We take special care of every student individually. Learn web page design So, professional and donít give any extra time for weak students.
Earn money from internet We always offer attractive discounts for our students. Outsourcing training center in Dhaka No discount facilities available
Best training center in Dhaka Flexible and easy payment system. Learn web design You have to pay as their rules and regulations.
advance flash training Special care for beginners, weak and raw students. Certification course in web design Never take special care for weak and raw students.
Freelance training center in Dhaka We teach our students some secret web design tips, tricks and techniques. Web design training courses Very professional and donít teach any helpful tips and techniques.
Website design professional training course Our trainers and instructor truly professional, experienced web designer and web developer who are specially trained up in Web 2.0 technology. HTML training center Inexperienced and nonprofessional trainers and instructors.
Web Design Training Free delivery of web materials, tools, software, important web resources and lecture sheets and others. Dreamweave training course Only provide lecture sheets and course materials.
Graphic design training in Bangladesh Class type: Theoretical and Practical training. We want to train up our students specially in practically. Website training center in Dhaka Class type: Only Theoretical. They want to avoid practical or lab sessions due to lack of knowledge and experiences.
Web developement training courses Course completion success rate: 100% IT teaching course Course completion success rate: 30% - 40%
learn web design in Dhaka We will give you money back guarantee. web page design courses Dhaka Will not provide such guarantee.
web site design training Bangladesh We will provide ďProfessional Course Completion CertificateĒ that will evaluate studentís skills as a ďProfessional Web DesignerĒ. web design classes Course Completion Certificate will not evaluate studentís skills just work as a normal paper.
website design tutorial Internship and Job placement facilities for our students. become a web designer No such facilities are available.
professional web development courses We will give you instant Online live solution and code help even after course completion learning web design Sorry! Course completed. So, No more support and help!
Earn money training program Live project to prove that you are now a "Professional Web Designer". Bangladesh freelance training institute Always try to avoid live project for some reasons.

5r Solution Professional Web Design Training Course Curriculum:
  • SEO techniques and it's proper implementation in to the web site, Web, Internet, Server, Domain Registration and Web Hosting.
  • Google Web Design Guideline, Web 2.0 Technology Design Guideline and W3C rules and regulations for pure and professional Website Design.
  • Advance HTML training.
  • Advance CSS training.
  • Implementation of JavaScript and Customization.
  • Advance Macromedia Dreamweaver training.
  • Advance Web Graphics training:
    • Photoshop /
    • Adobe Illustrator training /
    • Macromedia Firework
  • Advance Flash Animation with Action Script (Beginners).
  • Text animation software.
  • Implementation, techniques and uses of Bengali Language (Unicode).
  • Basic PHP (Designing Level).
  • Wamp Server, FTP setup and uses.
  • Joomla (CMS) Stable version installation, configuration, operating and Template design and more....
  • Live project.

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