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Why Learn Web Design & Development?

There is no other better career than web design and web development. Learn Professional Web Design and web development, build your career and work as a world class Freelance web designer and web developer.
Recent days, in outsourcing marketplace, web designer are doing an important role designing and developing different types of websites all over the world. You will find plenty of Website Design projects in online outsourcing marketplace than other category (like: SEO, Data Entry, Web Research, etc.) and good news is payment or project rate of web design sector are extremely good hand handsome than other freelance sector.

5R Solution is professional Website Design Training Institute in Bangladesh. After completion of our Professional Web Design Training Courses you will be able to design good quality websites by your own and you can join online marketplace and bid for web design projects.

Our Professional Web Design Course curriculum are so optimized and full with all latest web design languages, modern techniques and hands of experience in software / tools. Lots of our students who takes our Professional Web Design Training Courses are now working independently work in online marketplace and earning. Check our students review. Our Web Development Trainers are highly professional and experienced in Web Development sector almost for 12 years. We provide world class standard outsourcing training courses that will make you professional freelancer web designer within very short time.

Here, you will find our professional web design course curriculum in brief. Remember, we never disclose our professional web design course syllabus in online and we want to keep it secret from others. Those people who join and take admission for Web Design Training at Fiver Solution will get full and details web design course curriculum in printed version. Have a look and enjoy our professional web design course curriculum and setup your mind for Web Design Training.

Web Design Course Details

DAY 01 - Introduction
  • Welcome Message and Introducing
  • Understanding different Sector in Information Technology
  • Understanding Web Pages, Website, Domain Registration& Web Hosting
  • Web Designer / Web Developer VS Webmaster
  • Working with Project Folder Structure
  • HTML Tags & Attributes
  • Structure of HTML
  • Creating a HTML page
  • Creating HTML Layout
  • Text Formatting, Horizontal Rules, Spacing, Marquee Tag

  • Working with Table / Charts
  • Anchor Tags & Hrefs
  • Linking to Other Websites
  • Linking to Pages within a Website
  • Opening a Link in a New Browser Window
  • Pointer Settings
  • Create link with Email Address
  • The Image Tag & Source Attribute
  • Image Alt and Title Attributes
  • Working with image Dimension
  • Working with Background image
  • Image Mapping

  • Working with Google MAP
  • Create Electronic Form
  • Working with different Form Elements
  • Embed Audio & Video
DAY 06 - CSS
  • Intro to CSS
  • Using CSS in Different ways
  • Tag Selectors
  • Class Selectors
  • ID Selector
  • CSS Background Color
  • Background Images using CSS in different ways

DAY 07 - CSS
  • Content / Text Formatting using CSS
  • Styling the Anchor Tag (link, visited, active, hover)
  • Image Floating
  • Simple CSS Buttons
DAY 08 - CSS
  • Box Model
  • What is the Box Model?
  • Border, Padding, Margin, Centering, Positioning Line Height
  • Scrollbar inside Box Model
  • Box Shadow, Text Shadow, Border-Radius

DAY 09 - HTML5 And CSS3
  • Wireframe Design using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Header, Nav, Aside, & Footer
  • Understanding Articles & Sections
  • The Main Element
  • The Figure & Figcaption Elements
  • Transitions, Animation
  • Form Validation
DAY 10 - JavaScript
  • Intro to JavaScript
  • How JavaScript Works?
  • Using JavaScript in different ways
  • Popup Window Effect
  • Rollover Image Effect
  • Simple Image Gallery Design

DAY 11 - JavaScript
  • Menu & Sub Menu Design
  • Tab & Accordion Panel
  • How to implement JavaScript form external resource
DAY 12 - jQuery Framework
  • Understanding Framework and how it works
  • What is Plug-ins and how it works?
  • Who is Plug-in Developer?
  • Implement jQuery plug-ins into your website and customization

DAY 13 - Modern Design Guideline
  • Google Web Design Guideline
  • Web 2.0 Design Guideline
  • UI Design (User Interface)
  • UX Design (User Experience)
  • Responsive Design
DAY 14 - Web Hosting
  • How we deliver Websites?
  • What is FTP?
  • Uploading to a Live Website via FTP
  • What we required for FTP Delivery?
  • Using an FTP Client
  • Going Live
  • Working with cPanel & Webmail

DAY 15 - PHP
  • Setting Up The Local Server
  • Layout Design using PHP
  • Form Submission using PHP Mailer
DAY 16 - Wordpress
  • Why we should learn Wordpress?
  • Download WordPress
  • Creating a Database
  • Installing WordPress
  • Image Mapping

DAY 17 - Wordpress
  • Working in Wordpress Backend Control Panel
  • Downloading a Theme from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Manually Installing a Theme & Theme Setup
  • Modifying a Theme
  • Adding a Header Graphic
  • Customizing Links
  • Changing Background & Colors
DAY 18 - Wordpress
  • Understanding Category and Post
  • Displaying Post Time & Tags
  • Creating Dynamic Pages
  • Creating the Menu
  • Customizing the Menu Order
  • Upload and Insert Images & Files
  • Displaying Comments
  • Customizing Wordpress theme

DAY 19 - Wordpress
  • Understanding Widgets and how it works
  • Installing additional Widget
  • Wordpress Plug-ins Installation and Setup
  • Install & Upload WordPress Site into Hosting Server
DAY 20 - Final Day
  • Exam
  • Real World Live Project
  • Feedback / Review Session

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Joel Norman Penheiro
12 Years Experienced Lead UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer & Freelancer
Senior Trainer of 5R Solution
Skills & Experience

Who can Attend?
Anyone from any background who wish to earn money online can join our professional outsourcing training courses.Students, Government Officer, Banker, Retired Person, other IT professionals, Job holder who wants to work as a Freelancer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Frontend Developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, PHP MySQL Programmer, SEO Expert, Graphic Designer, Web Researcher, Data Entry Professionals in online marketplace can take our freelancing training program

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12+ Years Experience Trainer

All of our outsourcing training courses operating by 12+ years experienced Front-End Web Developer & Freelancer. It's a great opportunity for you to learn something sepcial and know the secret of Freelancing career

Live Project

Our outsourcing web development courses are 100% practical project oriented. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you should learn from web designer and developer because there is the nest way to learn web development practically.

Flexible Time & Schedule

Good thing is you can setup training time and sechdule by your own. We can organize classes for you when you want. Even if you want to learn in you holiday we are ready for you. We are happy to take your classes in your personal time.

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Learn first pay later! We try to support our students as much as possible. Sometimes, in speical consideration we offer easy installments to our students. Sometimes is special occasion we offer special discount on all of our packages.

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Every student wants to take admission in a private batch. Students will get trainer closely in full training session and can interact with trainer most of the times. Trainer takes extra special care and the success rate is 100%.

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We are providing training in holiday. Job holder can take our outosurcing web development training in evening batch. Our trainer are available for you 07 days in a week. Now! it will be more easier for you to learn in your personal time.

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You can strat your web design courses at any time. Don't need to wait for upcoming schedule. All of our freelancing training packages are ready to start at any day in any time. Just call us and start your web development career with us.

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We are happy to maintain good success record for long. Our happy tudents tells the story. Read what our happy students say about us and then will know our strength how we produce quality freelancer, world class web designer and developer.

100% Practical Training

We have 12+ live working experience in website designing and development. We developed over thousands of websites and dealing with thousands of clients all over the world. Our our web design training courses are 100% practical oriented.

World Class Standard Training

Our outsourcing website development training course curriculum are up-to-date and worldclass standard. Our IT trainers also have worldclass standard web development skills. That's mean every students will learn modern and latest web technology from us.

100% Effective for Outsourcing

In modern days each and every one wants to be a freelancer. First, you need to take good training in any good sector in outsourcing. You can start freelancing and outsourcing just after completed our professional IT outsourcing training course.

Free Training Support

IT outsourcing is a real big sector and you need help from expert if you want to succeed. We always help our students not only in training period but also help them even after training. We are happy to provide "after training support" completely FREE.