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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Still have questions? Just tell us what you wants to know about our freelancing and outsourcing training courses. We tell you exactly what you need to know to before start your dreaming outsourcing career. Just find your answer, make right decision and start online outsourcing web development training with us.

I am beginners and don't have much knowledge in Outsourcing. Can I learn Outsourcing?

Yes! Outsourcing is very easy to learn. Anybody can learn online outsourcing. Freshers, job holders, students, retired person, housewives who have very basic computer knowledge (i.e. Facebooking, emailing, internet browsing, MS Word) can join our Outsourcing Training Courses.

I want to know in details about your Freelance Training courses!

You are most welcome. You can talk with our course counselor directly to know more about outsourcing and web development training courses. You can try any of the options below in your convenient time

E-mail Enquiry : Send us an email enquiry
Customer Support : +880-17784-22885
Talk with Trainer : +880-17151-30860 (After 6:00 PM)
Live Chat (Skype ID) : joel5r

Difference between Web Design Training and Web Development Training?

Well, all we know that every human being have two view or look, you can called "Inner view or behovior (Honesty, Courtesy, Education, etc)" and "Outer view or look (Height, Face, Body Color, Smartness, etc)" . As like as human being website can have two view as well. We called is "Website Front-end (User Interface & User Experience)" and other is "Website Back-end (Different functionality of a website)". In every Web Development Firm as well as Outsourcing Marketplace have two department

A. Website Design (UX/UI Design, Web Graphic, Website Template architecture design, etc..)
B. Website Development (Add complex functionality, core code customition, plugins implementation, etc.)

Job responsibility and web technologies are also completely different for web designer and developer.

So, Course curriculum of Website Design Training and Web Development are also completely different. If you set up your mind to be a Professional Web Designer than you can take our "Professional Website Design Training Course" or if you decided to be a Professional Web Developer than you can take our "Professional Website Development Training Courses".

Which Outsourcing Courses you are offer this time?

This time we are providing different courses in IT Freelance sector like:
Website Design & Development.
Outsourcing & Freelancing Training
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Graphic Design Training
Google AdSense Training
Email Marketing Training
Web Apps Development Training
WordPress Training
Magento Ecommerce Training
PHP & MySQL Training We are also providing different short IT training courses and customized training courses. Check our freelanceing training courses

What resources or course materials I need to collect myself for training?

Don't worry! All resources and course materials (Software, Books, Lecture Sheets, Tutorial Files and others) will provide you by Fiver Solution IT Training Institute without any cost (FREE). Happy to say that, all of our training methods are fully automated and online based so, you can collect your required training files from online in your convenient time from your home.

How much is the course fee?

Actually, we have different outsourcing training packages. Click To know more about our freelancing training packages & pricing

I am interested to learn from you. How to book my seat?

Good! It's very easy.
For admission or seat booking, you can follow any of the options below:

Option 1: Online Admission
You can take admission online and book your seat through our "Online Booking System".
Online Admission

Option 2: On Spot Admission:
Step-1: Take appointment over phone 01715130850
Step-2: Visit our Institute
Step-3: Talk with our Course Councelor or Training Instructor
Step-4: Take admission & confirm your seat

What documents should I need to bring when I schedule my appointment for admission?

You have to provide us some documents for admission. These are as follows:

a) 01 Photocopy of National ID Card (Scanned copy can be send via email)
b) 01 Passoport Size Recent Photograph (Scanned copy can be send via email)
c) 50% payment (50% of total course fee) sohuld be paid during admission.

Note: If you want to pay your Admission Fee through online then click online payment system

Do your institute going to start any new Batch recently?

We are ready to start courses any day and any time. Just take admission and learn online outsourcing today without any delay. You can also check our Upcoming Training Schedule Calendar

I am not from Computer Science background. Is it possible for me to learn Web Development?

Obviously you can learn! Computer Science is not a big factor to learn website design & website development. Anyone who came from different educational field or backgroung can easily join our web development training courses.

Is freelancing and outsourcing suitable for job holder or retired person?

Anyone can learn online outsourcing. Students of school, colleges and university, Students of any Background (Like: HHC, SSC, JSC, PSC, BBA, MBA, etc..), Job Holder (Both Government Officer and Private Service), Unemployed Person, Aged person, Bankers, Retired Person, Female Students, Housewife can learn online outsourcing.

How long I need to spend per day for practice during training?

IT Oursourcing is Worldwide global career. So, you need to practice as much as you can and need to study hard duirng training period. Try to sepnd at-least 1 to 2 hours per day regulalry in a week in your training time and hopefully, you will get good result in return within a very short time.

How much money can I earn after completion of your outsourcing course?

Oh! I am getting tired.

I am 12+ years in online outsourcing. Always keep in mind, if you think about moeny then outsourcing in not for you and you wouldn't get success. This is the real truth. Also remember, try to be skilled first and then money will find you autometically. Don't need to think of earning money or rush for money.

First of all, please build up your career professionally and don't care about money and don't dreaming money. Those people who will learn Freelance IT Outsourcing specially for money, will lost their way, couldn't get real success in this sector and finally end up their freelance career with a full of frustration.

Listen! Follow under the following steps and you will find the way of your Dreaming IT Oursocuring with sheer success:

a) Setup your mind for Freelance Career.
b) Take a good professionlal training. If possible then please take training from someone personally who is Expert and specialized in this field rather than go to Institute.
c) Study hard! Prepare yourself with skilled and quality of work by learning.
d) Be patient and take your time.
e) Try to gather some working experience.
e) Money will came to you autometically and don't neet to run for money
Buy the way, Earn money from IT outsourcing is completely depends and vary on quality (Skill) of persons and depends work hour limit a freelancer will work. Check this calculation:

1. One of my Skilled & Experienced Student (Professional Freelancer) work for = 8 US Dollar per hour
2. He works total= 9 hours per day
3. He works total 22 days in a month & his monthly Earnings is = $8 (Rate per hour) X 9 hous (Per Day) X 22(Total working day) = $1584 X 80 TK ($1 = TK 80)= TK 1,26,720 per Month

Warning and Caution: Please! Don't compare yourself with that Freelancer because you just take training and that freelancer is almost 01 year experienced in this field. please check below comparison chart:

Table will placehere............ You just take a progessional training but you don't have gather any job experience (Working with Live Project) yet. Finally, witn an average a progessional skilled Web Designer & Web Developer who have alteast 03 months working experience can earn minimum BDT 30,000 to Maximum BDT 1,50,000 per month from freelance marletplace. Never trust those Institutes who give you guarante earning sum of TK........ per month form freelance work. Remember "Earn money is not as easy as we think". Yes! if possible only if you get skilled.

How long will it take to complete the Outsourcing training?

Different training packages have different course duration. We are providing both short and long courses. Please check our Freelance Training Packages and you will get idea about duration of each courses.

In short, if you interested to take 03/04 classes per week then hopefully it will not take no longer than 02 months.

Do your institute have any branch outside Dhaka City?

This time we are only operating outsourcing training courses here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We don't have any branch ourside Dhaka City. Hopefully, we will open up new branches outside Dhaka City as soon as we can.

Do your Institute help students to get Job (Freelance Project) after Training?

YES! We will try our best to give out students Live Project after course completion. But we will provide Live Freelance Projects:

1. Students - who were attentitive, sincere and regular in our training.
2. Students - who were dedicated, honest and hard woeker during training.
3. Students - who scored good result in our Examination.
4. Students - who submitted all assignment in time that we provided.
5. Students - we can trust.
6. Students - we think "He can do the JOB for us".

I am living in outside Dhaka City (Chittagong). How can I learn Freelance Training from you?

Very easy! Be online. Our outsourcing training is now 100% online based. You can learn freelancing from us VIA online in your home. It dosen't matter where you live or what time is it. Our online IT training surely saves your time, money and effort.

Yes! It's possible for us because:
1. We have online admission system 2. We have online payment system

2. We have online exam system

3. Our Expert Trainer available for you almost 20+ hours per day for online training. 4. We provide virtual classroom. You will find everything online. i.e. online tutorial, online video tutorial, free cloud storage.

How much Expert or Skilled Trainer your Institute have?

Fiver Solution proud to have some extra ordinary world class standard skilled IT Trainer. Some have 12+ years working experience in: Website Design & Website Development, SEO, WordPress, Magento Ecommerce, Google AdSense, Email Marketing, Graphiic Design and Freelancing or Outsourcing. Some of them are working as a UI/UX Designer and Front-End Web Developer. Check Our Expert Trainer Profile

Finally, Our Teams are full with skilled freelancers who have depth knowledge and have sheer experience in Freelancing.

I want to build up my career in Freelancing but don't have any idea! Can I start Learning?

Don't worry! You can srart your Freelance Caeer right now and we will teach you how to do Freelancing. You don't need any previous experience or extra knowledge to join our Freelance Training.

I want to learn Freelancing from you, Personally! Is it possible?

Yes you can Join and take outsourcing training personally. We have both Group Batch and Personal Batch or One student Special Batch with flexible time schedule. Please check our upcomming training schedule.

Do you provide course completion certificate?

Our Certificate is well accepted all over the world and have high value. We provide Worldclass high standards & Professional Course Completion Certificate issued to those:

1. Students who completed our courses successfully.
2. Students who submitted assignment and projects in due time.
3. Students who passed in our Tests and Examination.
4. Students who is sciencre and maintain good record and skilled up themselves during training.

Don't issued any Certificates those students who failed to meetup the above issue.

I am Job Holder and want to learn Freelancing. Do you have any Evening Batch or Weekend Batch?

No Problem! We have Evening Batch (After 7:00 PM) and Weekend Batch (Friday & Saturday Batch) specially for Job Holder, Businessman, Government Officer, Banker or others employee. Also, our training time schedule are fully customizable, flexible and negotiable. So, you can setup your own time schedule upon discussion with us.

What qualification I should have to join your Freelancing Course?

Don't required any extra qualification to join our oursourcing training courses. People who have basic computer knowledge like: Basic Computer Operating, Microsoft Word, E-miling, Using Facebook can join us and take our professional Web Design & Web Development Courses.

Do your Web Development Training Institute offer any Special Discount for Students?

YES! We offer our students attractive gift and special offer whole year during special festival and events. To enjoy our upcomming offers Please check our recent Promotions and Special Discount we are offering now!